Re: Letter of Recommendation for Minnesota Dealer Direct

Our business alliance with Minnesota Dealer Direct has proven to be a beneficial and value driven car buying service for our members.  Their president, Rob Proctor has demonstrated a premium level of service in both advising our members, and often personally facilitating a smooth and seamless buying process through the Minnesota Dealer Direct network of reputable franchised auto dealerships and beyond.  Further, Rob shares his broad experience and range of skills with our employees to give them advice and insight into meeting our members expectations of an auto buying service.  

I have personally used   Minnesota Dealer Direct to purchase a new vehicle and was very pleased with both the value and experience I received.  I’ve heard much positive feedback shared by our members with their auto buying experiences using the Minnesota Dealer Direct network too.  

TopLine is committed to helping our member-owners get the best deal in town when purchasing and financing new or used autos, and with personalized service.  We look forward to continuing to partner with Rob and Minnesota Dealer Direct in providing our members with a value-added benefit and increasing our auto loans.


Robert Madden
Director of Lending
TopLine FCU


Thanks for serving as my agent and making the purchase of my new 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe such a speedy, affordable, and stress-free experience.

This is the best car-buying experience I’ve ever had. I’ve already told friends about my car-buying experience and I look forward to recommending you when friends and family are looking to buy a vehicle. Furthermore, I am counting on you being available to me the next time in the market for a new vehicle!

Enjoy the day!


Hey Rob!

Great to hear from you. I LOVE the Acadia!! I think the last time I was this happy with a vehicle purchase was when I bought a Trailblazer EXT. And the Acadia is pretty much the same thing…well, sorta! Body style is about the same…and it’s NOT a van! ☺

Thanks for checking in! I’ll be sure to go this route again when I’m looking at cars…but hopefully not anytime soon!! I’ve already talked with a few friends about you and I will steer people in your direction whenever I can!

Thank you again!


Hey Rob,

I am enjoying my new ride 🙂 I had to drive it back to the dealership this morning to drop off the title and my son came along. He loves it too!

I just want to Thank You again, I would have never known what to ask for with my equinox. I’m still shocked that they gave me such huge amount.

You made this process very easy!


I bought it! No financial surprises and my car savvy son, after a few little maneuvers, opined that the truck felt solid and he could deduce no sloppiness in clutch or handling.

Again, Rob, thank you for your brokering, expertise, advice and pleasant conversations! This was definitely the most pain free vehicle purchase I’ve ever had!


Hi Rob,

I just wanted you to know I really appreciated your help all along with my car search and purchase. It is kind of nerve racking to be doing this by myself but your support was great.

Thanks for your kindness!


It is an absolute dream. You would never know the age, by the looks and the feel;you would swear it’s a brand new car. I am beyond pleased with the gem you found us. I have literally told everyone I know about your services! It was such a pleasure.

P.S. My husband loves it more than me…if that’s possible.


Rob made finding the perfect car for me so stress free! I not only saved money, but I enjoyed car shopping.